the forbidden fruit - preorder ETA JUNE 2022

can be your angel ︎ or yuor devil ︎

Product description: a reversible plush + fruit costume/keychain
Size: approx. 10*10*10(cm)
Color: ducky’s color is NOT yellow but more of a light orange (refer to comparison pic with baby chimmy💛)
⚠Preorder is open until February 1st 2022⚠

once upon a time, there was a strange fruit

after being peeled off, the real form was revealed:
it’s an angel!?

but what is happening here?!

it’s evolving?!?

so what is the truth of this mysterious creature?
can you eat it?
or will it eat you instead??
why has it come to this world?
what is the purpose of its existence??
you’ll have to adopt one to find out......

this ducky is a reversible plushie!
you can choose to reverse angel to devil ducky or vice versa as you like, depending on your mood. do you feel like stabbing someone? reverse to devil duck! do you feel like spreading positivity? reverse to angel duck! it’s basically just one small baby duck with two faces: the duality of Man (duck). and you can put on the fruit costume to disguise its evil nature as you take the duck on your journeys!


︎ important notes ︎

★ this item is a PREORDER⚠ you’ll have to wait for a few months (that may feel like forever) until you can have a taste of this forbidden fruit. Estimated shipping time: approximately May/June 2022. DO NOT place order if you don’t want to wait!
★ ALL orders will be fulfilled by White Squirrel (shipping from the U.S.) EXCEPT for orders from Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand because i will personally ship them (from Indonesia). ★ for local (Indo) orders, i’ll have them in my tokped shop when they’re ready. kindly fill this form if you’re interested and i’ll notify you when they’re live!
★ this product is handmade so there may be some differences from the pictures. every ducky is unique! the colors of the actual product may also differ from what appears on your screen.
★ spoiler alert: it’s not edible 😭